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The American Red Cross encourages eligible blood donors to make a difference in the lives of patients this spring by giving blood.

Our area is bursting with springtime beauty and don’t we live in a beautiful place? If your dogwoods are like mine, they are just on the cusp of bursting out in full glory … they will be glorious by Easter morning. Wisteria is dripping off of anything that will stand still and the wooded areas are kissed with the golden beauty of Carolina Jessamine. I have a yard full of noisy birds who are obviously happy to see the end of gray and bitter cold winter days. I LOVE SPRING!


A friend sent me a picture of a restaurant I love in the North Georgia Mountains. It reminded me of what a cultural roller coaster I’ve been on. I’ll explain in a bit.


I love social media. I use Twitter on occasion. I like Pintrest. I am positively addicted to Facebook.


Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with some of my childhood friends and even some family members that I didn’t get to know very well when we were children, but have gotten to know quite well through social media.


Well, it seems we may have turned the door on this wild, weird winter. My weather app tells me that although we will see some rain this week, the temps will be moderate right up to warm. I know that compared to the northeast, I have nothing to complain about, but the cold, gray days almost got the best of me.


There are a lot of uncertainties in life. We can try to predict our schedules, our jobs and even sometimes, the weather. But the uncertainty is still built in there.


The Clarendon County Council and the Clarendon County Development Board are pleased to announce the appointment of George Kosinski as the new Executive Director for the county’s Economic Development Board. Kosinski, who will begin as the new director on March 16, will be responsible for helping develop and implement economic development strategies, as well as facilitate industrial business and commercial investment in the County.


Okay, I’m crying uncle. I have tried to be brave and cheerful but I confess … I am so very, very tired of winter. I’m tired of the cold. I’m tired of the gray skies. I am tired of my old bones hurting and my nose dripping. I’m tired on not seeing the sun or my camellias bloom. And most of all … I am so tired of hearing about all that blasted snow in New England. Hey, it goes with the territory and we have had none. Just lots and lots and lots of rain. Bleech.


Well kids, this is it … most likely the coldest 24 hour period of this very odd winter. One day it’s in the 60s, and tonight it may see the low teens. Lots of weather and energy-related folks are weighing in to keep us safe and warm.