Local News

Doctors, midwives and nurses of the CMH Labor and Delivery Dept. will participate in tomorrow's 5K "Pass the Gas" Fun Run/Walk at the Santee Dam at 9 a.m. and your presence is requested.


So, I get a slew of press releases in my email box all the time. Most of them are trying to sell something. Many of them are from the state government announcing new businesses and jobs across the state.


By now you should be deep in the throes of the Christmas shopping season. I hope you remembered to “shop small” and supported some of our locally-owned businesses. You can find things that are special and unique and will be sure to delight the recipient.


Archbishop Benjamin Driggers, a native of Manning, was named in private ceremony at the Chapel of the Holy Trinity IRCC as National Primus of the Independent Reformed Catholic Church on Nov. 27.


Our bellies are full and we have contemplated that for which we are thankful. There has been an unholy amount of football played and some fans rejoiced over a broken losing streak while others mourned. You know who you are!


As we all delve into the hustle and bustle that Thanksgiving brings, we all should find ourselves pausing to think about for what we are grateful. Of course, we should do this daily, and I swear I try, but it is not an easy thing to do.


Clarendon Hall’s Lindy Brunson was named the South Carolina Independent School Association’s Coadjutor of the Year at the SCISA Headmaster’s conference on Nov. 6.


A firm specializing in the design, manufacture and global distribution of an extensive line of automotive lifts is establishing its U.S. manufacturing operations in Clarendon County. Peak Corporation is investing $6.6 million over five years resulting in the creation of an expected 59 new jobs in Manning.