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Editor’s note: Mr. Robert Strunk of Manning died on Monday, April 20. Please click here to view his obituary.


I’ve always loved to read. Ever since I was a tiny child, reading was one of my favorite things to do. I’ve just always had a true, deep, incredible love for words.


My heart is very heavy today, as I am grappling with the death Saturday of Charles Hester. He was 83 and from all indications, he died very peacefully and quietly at his home in Manning.


We are so blessed to live in an area with such a strong, faith-based community. Churches of all denominations, “flavors,” and positions hold interesting and entertaining programs and events all the time.


The bitter cold of winter seems to be finally gone and except for normal April showers, the sun is shining a lot more. Okay, so most of us are sneezing a good bit, but aren’t the flowers beautiful?


I am one of those crazy people that sleep with the TV on. I know, I know, it’s really not the best alternative but I have been doing it for more than 25 years, so I simply cannot sleep in total silence and darkness.


In this rural community, we have many folks who have some strange ideas about animals.


Many people think it is okay to let their animals run wild with the benefit of a leash or a fence. This results in a lot of dead animals in the road.


If you live in the South, you know that one of our favorite forms of entertainment is festivals. We honor founders, food, fish and community. If you love a festival – and who doesn’t – but are looking for something a little less crowded but still 100 percent fun, you need to check out the Town of Turbeville’s Puddin Swamp Festival.


The S.C. Legislature is on its planned spring recess but Sen. Kevin Johnson is staying busy during this brief hiatus.


According to his legislative manual biography, Johnson represents almost all of Clarendon County, and parts of Darlington, Sumter and Florence counties. That keeps him on the road a great deal of time.


When I was a little kid, Easter was a ritual. You went shopping with Mom for a whole new outfit and for a child of the 60s that meant an Easter dress, hat, gloves, frilly socks and new shoes, usually white patent leather. For me, Easter was about getting all dressed up, going to church, taking lots of pictures, going to my great-grandmother’s house where more pictures were made and Easter eggs were hunted in her yard. She and the aunts were inside making way too much food while the kids and the uncles were trying to tear up my Nanny’s flower beds. The fancy clothes had to come off before the food could be consumed.