Manning, Summerton Election Results

The official results of the April 3 Manning Municipal Election had incumbents Clayton Pack and Johnny Gordon winning big in their bids for re-election.

Newcomer Loretta Pollard joined the Summerton Town Council April 3, while incumbents Ellen Ardis and Ritchie Way were reelected, according to official results, which were certified on April 5.

“I’m ready to continue working for the citizens of my district and Manning,” Pack said after the votes were tallied. “It’s a relief to get the election behind us. I just want to thank everyone for getting out and voting.”

“I’m feeling very good right now,” Gordon said when the totals were announced. “I’m ready to get things done. I want to thank the citizens for giving me a chance to service them again.”

Pack defeated challenger the Rev. Effie Hilton for Council’s District 1 seat, 108-59; while Gordon defeated challenger Carlo Goodine for the District 4 seat, 46-9.

Pack received 64 votes to Hilton’s 31 in Manning Precinct 4. In absentee balloting, Pack received 44 to Hilton’s 28.

Gordon received 22 votes to Goodine’s 2 in Manning Precinct 1. In Manning Precinct 2, Gordon received 3 votes to Goodine’s 1. In absentee balloting, Gordon received 21 votes to Goodine’s 6.

Pack and Gordon join council members Ervin Davis, Diane Georgia and Gregory Witherspoon on Manning City Council.

Manning Mayor Julia A. Nelson and council member Sherry Welle who also filed for re-election in the April 3 election had no opposition and both will serve another four-year term.

In the Summerton Council race, Ardis received 125 votes, Way received 117, and Pollard received 81, while Henry Lawson received 76 votes.

Ardis took 78 votes in Summerton 1, six in Summerton 2 and 40 in Summerton 3. Way received 71 in Summerton 1, nine in Summerton 2 and 36 in Summerton 3. Pollard took 42 in Summerton 1, 10 in Summerton 2 and 26 in Summerton 3. Lawson received 20 votes in Summerton 1, 15 votes in Summerton 2 and 35 votes in Summerton 3. 

Lawson had four absentee votes, Pollard had three, Ardis had one and Way had one. Lawson had two fail/safe votes. Fail safe votes are cast when voters move from one precinct to another within 30 days of the election, according to Bobbie Reaves, chairman of the Clarendon County Election Commission.

Ardis said that she was excited to serve her third term on council.

“I’m looking forward to doing great things for Summerton,” she said.

Way said that he is anticipating starting his second term on council.

“I want to continue doing what’ve been doing to improve Summerton,” he said.

Pollard said that she is looking forward to working with the Summerton Town Council.

“I am ready to get started serving the town and its people,” she said.