Clarendon County Golf is born

LeBon Joye and Donald Hardy announce their partnership in Clarendon County’s new golf program.
Jack Justice/Clarendon Citizen - LeBon Joye and Donald Hardy announce their partnership in Clarendon County’s new golf program.

Clarendon County has taken another giant step toward meeting the needs of its diverse population by announcing the advent of a golf program. Recreation Director LeBon Joye met with representatives of the media to introduce Donald Hardy who will be spearheading the program.

Hardy, a well-known area golfer and native to this area, outlined the program and the timetable for its implementation.

Initially aimed at youth 8-12 and 13-18, the program will be co-educational. The program will be introduced by levels.  Level One is centered on building a strong base of knowledge of golf and its core values. This will entail mostly classroom work and be held at the Clarendon County Community Center behind Weldon Auditorium.

Level Two will reinforce Level One and move into chipping and putting. Level Three will move students onto the course and introduce the many aspects involved in course management and equipment.

The overall program is called “Clarendon County Golf (CCG)” and is seen as a year-round addition to the recreation agenda of the county. It will eventually be offered to adults after the youth aspect has become stable and all the necessary arrangements have been worked out.

“Golf is a lifetime sport and conducive to our population,” stated Joye.

“We will start the program hopefully in November or very soon after we have at least 10 students sign up,” explained Hardy. “It will be an after-school program held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5 p.m. We will make adjustments to the schedule as needed and certainly as we move into the various levels.”

Joye was happy to announce that the staff of Shannon Greens Golf Club has signed on to host some of the initial course work in the later levels.

“We expect to include all area courses eventually as the program grows and gains momentum,” said Hardy. “The building of a county full of golf players, some of which go on to greater heights and make us proud, is just one of the many goals of the program.”

Some beginner equipment will be purchased by the Recreation Department for student use in the early levels on an as-needed basis. The first two levels will cost students $50 each and Level Three costs will be determined as they add the golf course.

To sign up for this inaugural session of county golf, call the Recreation Department at 473-3543 or the Community Center at 433-0103.