BOC robbery suspects caught

Andrew and Virginia Blackmon, of Manning, have been apprehended as the suspects involved in a robbery this morning at the Bank of Clarendon in Manning.

According to police reports, at about 9 a.m. Andrew Blackmon walked into the bank at 109 South Brooks Street and handed one of the tellers a note threatening the teller to give him all of the money.

The suspect went out of the back door of the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash. Bank employees hit the alarm and Manning Police Department officers were on the scene within minutes.

Soon after it was discovered that Blackmon had gone to the Department of Social Services building at 3 South Brooks Street, where his wife Virginia was waiting for him. Blackmon changed his clothes in the lobby and attempted to donate the clothes that he had just changed out of to DSS, saying it was “for the children.” DSS employees refused to accept the donation.

Blackmon then walked around the building and put the clothes into a dumpster.

After the robbery, the couple then made their way to the Days Inn at 2825 Paxville Hwy. in Manning. It was unclear how they got to the Days Inn, according to MPD Chief Blair Shaffer.  They stashed money in a drawer in a motel room.

The Blackmons then paid an individual $20 to give them a ride to the Manning Motel, at 466 North Brooks St. The individual was not involved with the Blackmons and had no knowledge that they had participated in a robbery, according to Shaffer.

The Blackmons had left some clothes at the Manning Motel lobby and went back to the motel to pick them up. When they arrived at the motel, the owner called the police and the Blackmons were apprehended.

Upon further investigation MPD officers discovered that the Blackmons had come into DSS earlier this morning and asked for a sheet of paper and pen, on which Virginia wrote the note demanding money. DSS had no knowledge of what was written on the sheet of the paper.

At the present time, the suspects are being held at the Clarendon County Detention Center and will be charged “with entering financial institution with intent to steal.”

MPD and Clarendon County Sheriff’s Department were both involved with the investigation.